What Does a Hamburger Cost at MacDario's in Tuscany?

Some of the most popular blog posts on Wandering Italy have to do with the cost of food in the touristy corners of the boot. (See: Food in Italy – Is it expensive? for an example.) You’re really rabid to know what to expect on your vacation. I don’t blame you. Good food in Italy is a bargain to me. Still.

In any case, if you know Italian pop culture, you know Dario Cecchini, the “Dante Quoting Butcher of Panzano” or some such. Yes, there are few places in the world a butcher can become and stay famous, especially after Bill Buford got done with him.

Dario recently started a restaurant known pretty much for its carne, as you might expect. Well, he’s added a hamburger to his menu. With fries, onions and tomatoes, ten euro.

Be aware that a hamburger in the bar of the Hotel Eden in Rome will cost you 38 Euro. Just so you know.

At Dario’s place, you can bring a bottle of wine and they’ll open it free. So lunch is a bargain, even by San Francisco standards.

How do I know about this new celebrity butcher hamburger? I read about it on Under a Tuscan Stove. Now I need to clean my keyboard. There are pictures to fare acqua nella bocca.

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