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Celebrating Citrus in the Gargano
When Life Gives You Lemons: Have a Party!

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April in Italy

  • April's special days include Pesce d'Aprile--April Fish, our April fools day--Liberation day on the 25th, and often Easter.
  • It's a month of variable weather and, in places, a riot of wildflowers. Try the Val di Noto in southeastern Sicily, where the blue borage, pink valerian, and yellow margheritas go wild. Average daily highs on the Italian mainland are getting into the low to mid 60s (F).
  • Easter festivities and processions start during the week before Easter and continue through Easter Monday, La Pasquetta, a national holiday and a day where you may find some very interesting festivals. What's believed to be the oldest Good Friday procession in Italy happens in Chieti in the Abruzzo region.

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