Wine Tasting in a Church: Barbaresco

Taste the good stuff, then buy a bottle and praise the lord

I was raised a Methodist. You remember Methodists. They were the ones who decided that God was wrong about all that wine talk in the Bible, so a former Methodist preacher who later became a dentist got to thinking about all this wrongness and eventually came up with a way to keep grape juice from fermenting, and now Methodists are forced to drink that awful Welch’s Grape Juice at Methodist communion because the dentist’s name was Welch and now I suppose the Welch family is even richer than God which used to be a sin but now sadly isn’t.

Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco picture
Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco

Anyway, things are different in Italy, thank God. You can walk into the little village of Barbaresco and sitting pretty on the main square is the Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco where you can taste and purchase Barbaresco wine which rivals Barolo for the crown of wine tastiness in Piemonte. Thing is, you go inside a church to taste this elixir. Well, ok, it’s a kind of chapel, really. Here’s what the Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco has to say about it:

It is located in Barbaresco inside the building of the former Saint Donato Brotherhood, built by the people of Barbaresco in the middle of the 19th century, as thanksgiving for the wonderful wine production of the hills surrounding the village.

Now, if I may put on my moral thinking cap for just a second, I’d say the people of Barbaresco have the moral edge in this wine thing. I’m thinkin’ that God might love a little thanks instead of all that childish yapping over “you got the wine thing wrong, and the eating pigs thing, and shaving…I mean shaving…”

I gotta go. I hear thunder.

Barbaresco is a great town and we know of a fantastic place to stay. See our Barbaresco Travel Guide

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