Phoenician Tombs in Sardinia and Mr. Berlusconi

It has recently been reported that Silvio Berlusconi has failed to declare the presence of 30 ancient Phoenician tombs on his land. Phoenician necropoli are fairly common on the island. The picture below is of burial urns at Sant’Antioco (Ancient Sulis) on the southwest side of the island of Sardinia.

burial urns, sulis, sant'antioco, necropolis

It all started with Mr. Berlusconi bragging to a young women about his estate. He’s no Saint, remember.

More: If you visit (and it is fascinating), you want to see the museum: Carbonia, Municipal Archaeological Museum ‘Villa Sulcis’

If you want to read more of the Prime Minister’s unsaintly non-declaration of ancient tombs, see: Berlusconi ‘hid ancient graves’

See a Map of Sardinia

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