Cantine Aperte at Cantine Lunae in Castelnuovo Magra

We had a great time at Cantine Lunae in Castelnuovo Magra, where the Colle di Luni Cantine Aperte was celebrated. Somehow, of all the pictures I took, this picture reminds us most that the star of the show was the wine (The music was great, the lardo man was overwhelmed with demands for his thinly sliced lard, but the wine was the thing)…

cantine aperte
Cantine Aperte at Cantine Lunae in Castelnuovo Magra

Cantine Aperte means “open cantina”, where tastings and (sometimes) entertainment like the band in the picture take place. We ate the food of the region as well. And they gave us these neat pouches that hang around your neck so that you have a place to put your wine glass when you need your hands free to grab some of the free food.

In Italy, wineries aren’t like they are in California. Here, wine is an agricultural product, and many wineries are underwhelming if you go to them thinking they will be palaces of wine snobbery. Often you must reserve ahead for a tasting and tour. Cantine Aperte is a repeated festival that allows folks to just show up and taste. The Cantine Lunae is a place that reminds one of California in that they have a fine shop and tasting room as well as a museum of old wine implements. I’ll write more on them later. Right now it’s time to sit back and have some of their fine wines for dinner.

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