On the Road - Italian Poetry on Asphalt

occhi blu voglio te Something seems to have changed in Italian asphalt messages lately. It used to be that fans painted the roads with slogans exhorting their favorite bike racer to push it to the max up the hill. Then there appeared some semi-clever love notices like the one over there to the left just outside my village in the Lunigiana. “Blue eyes, I love you. Bring me a dream!” Mr. Sandman for the zeros.

But then, just outside of Il Santuario restaurant in Velva di Castiglione Chiavarese I saw the scribblings you see down there on the right. la torta di riso e finita, asphalt messagesFor me, it was haiku-ish; in very few words it described something unique about Italian culture. There on the asphalt is written: David: The Rice Pie…is finished.

Poor David, racing like a maniac for that bit of torta di riso. Is it coincidence that the message appears just outside one of Liguria’s fine roadhouse restaurants? Should David just make a sharp right into the parking lot and order his own Torta? Or should David leave his race to stop by the restaurant to buy the family a torta to replace the one that’s eaten? Or is torta di riso a code word for a relationship?

Ah, sweet mystery of the road.

(Perhaps you’d like a recipe for Torta di Riso?)

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