Leasing a Car on Your Vacation
Get a new, never been smoked in car for your vacation

I’m taking a short trip to Italy soon. What’s really frustrating is that I’m not going long enough to take advantage of the French auto leaseback.

Renting a car in Europe is an adventure in tacked-on hidden costs. Paid for no-deductable insurance? Fine, there’s a 35 Euro fee for paperwork if someone runs into you in a parking lot. It’s probably explained somewhere in tiny print, but then there are those other charges…

Like why should it cost 6 Euros a day to put someone else’s name on the contract as a second driver? That’s nuts. Sure, it allows a company to offer a low cost lowball figure to put in big letters on their web site. Don’t be sucked in.

Read the fine print. All of it.

Leasing is a much better option. You get a new car, full insurance coverage, and pretty much anyone with a license can drive it.

You don’t have to find a gas station within fifty feet of the return point to fill the thing up at-then worry that if it didn’t quite fill all the way the rental company will charge you their customary arm, leg, and your first child. And it better be a boy. Return your lease car empty as a politician’s noggin. They don’t care.

And nobody’s smoked in the darn thing. Think of it, clean ashtrays.

Leasing is a great option. Want more info? We have an arrangement with Auto Europe. They lease Peugeots. Check out their Buy Back Program on the Auto Europe website.

You can pick the exact car you want, as long as it’s a Peugeot. If you’re from the US, let me ask you, when’s the last time you have a bad experience in a Peugeot?

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