Castel d'Asso Etruscan Tombs

A free attraction in the Lazio countryside

The Necropoli Etrusca di Castel d’Asso is located about 10km west of Viterbo in an area of Etruscan settlements in northen Lazio called Tuscia (see our Lazio Map). The site is said to be one of the best preserved Etruscan necropolis in Italy. The site is free to visit, and there is parking alongside the road for easy access.

The necropolis is dated to a period between the late 4th and 2nd century BC.

Once you’ve parked, look for the road to your right, heading downhill for a bit before emerging into the sunlight with the first rock cut tombs to your right.

These Etruscan tombs are called tombe a dado because of their regular cube shape.

castel d'asso etruscan tombs
Etruscan Landscape: Castel d'Asso

Soon you will come upon the big find: the Tomba Orioli, named after its discoverer. But first, let’s get oriented with a map.

Map of Castel d’Asso

Castel d’Asso Tomba Orioli

Named after its discoverer, this dado tomb (see the slots carved into the rock in the picture on both sides of the corridor) had places for 67 burials.

tomba oriali castel d'asso
Tomba Orioli: Castel d'Asso

Etruscan Tombs and History

The site is named after an ancient castle, the Roman Castellum axia, of which only traces can be found; the medieval Castello d’Asso was built over the Roman castle.

You won’t see anything inside the tombs today. The Romans looted them, and some of the contents have found their way into museums.

Viterbo was heavily bombed during WWII, and some of the escaping residents holed up in Etruscan tombs, which are fairly plentiful in the area around the city.

Photo Gallery: Castel d’Asso Necropolis

etruscan carvings
Etruscan Carvings: Castel d'Asso
castel d'asso etruscan tombs
Etruscan Tombs: Castel d'Asso
etruscan tombs
Etruscan Tombs at Castel d'Asso

It’s an easy walk between the many tombs on this tuff outcrop. Enjoy your visit.

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