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Santa Margherita Ligure Style

■ 11 July 2012 by James Martin

vineria macchiavello picture

On the Ligurian coast, Faux is Fun

If you’ve never hit the resort towns along the Ligurian coast, perhaps you should get away from the Cinque Terre and see where Italians go when the temperature soars.

Who wouldn’t want to go to the Vineria Macchiavello, shown on the right. It’s the polar opposite of American fast food. You can see it’s stood the test of time, you can see it’s one of a kind, and you can see the Ligurian passion for treating the eye to the pleasures of artfully rendered color. The food is highly rated here, and the Vineria Macchiavello Blog gives you details on some hard-to-resist special nights of wine and food.

santa margherita ligure flower pictureWander the streets and you’ll realize the buildings are just tall enough to create shade in the walking streets at the warmest parts of the day. You’ll also see what I might call “stylish street art” everywhere, embracing the sunny colors of this place, this mindset we call Liguria, best recollected and passed on when we let the word roll off our tongues slowly, evoking in the soft vowels the wash of pastels drenching the scene we’re describing.

Shops like this reflect the owner’s pride, and the owner isn’t part of a multinational conglomerate sucking the lifeblood out of a place, but an extension of the owner’s home. Enter, greet, and you’ll be welcomed to enjoy.

santa margherita ligure pictureDuck into a doorway, any doorway that’s open, and prepare to be amazed, your eyes surprised at the harmony. Now imagine McDonalds, it’s primary colors, shiny hard surfaces, glaring florescent light gleaming a ghostly green. You have before you the opposite, there on the right. You have before you pleasure. You won’t get cheap food from industrial sources and drinks made from flavored sugar—the walls tell you that.

Sometimes, faux isn’t what you think it is.

Santa Margherita Ligure Style originally appeared on WanderingItaly.com Jul 11, 2012, © James Martin.

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