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Sassoferrato and the Piccola Grande Italia Festival

■ 22 May 2012 by James Martin

sassoferrato artI’m going to lead you astray again. This time to the Marche region of Italy. To little Sassoferrato. 8000 people. Surely, this town will have a bar, a church, a woman who weaves on Sunday…

But no! There are 12 churches full of frescoes and fantastic art, a monastery called Santuario Madonna del Cerro, an abbey, a castle, and a very important archaeological site called Sentinum, which sits along the ancient Via Flaminia road system, not to mention quite a few museums, from art to archaeology to ethnography.

sassoferrato mosaic

Ok, so I’m on the third paragraph and I’m going to (finally!) make my point. If you call something historic in Italy, you must be prepared to open it up to visitors at least on day a year. This day is coming up. Things you might never get to see will be open to you during the Piccola Grande Italia festival on June 2, 2012. If I were you I’d go to Sassoferrato. There are some incredible treasures there, besides the ones I’ve pictured here (a scene from the Abbey and a mosaic from the archaeological museum).

I’ve written about the treasures of Sassoferrato before, perhaps you’ve forgotten:

Sassoferrato and the Piccola Grande Italia Festival originally appeared on WanderingItaly.com May 22, 2012, © James Martin.

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