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September Travel Notes

■ 12 September 2010 by James Martin

I’m getting the laptop cleaned up for a trip to Italy next week and there are some left-over links to some fine articles I need to tell you about. But first let me say that fall is my favorite time to visit, from September through mid-November. I’ve found that at the end of November the weather always turns nasty in northern Tuscany. On the other hand, November is winter truffle season…

Anyway, on to the links: Did you know that the The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge passes though Italy mid-October? Before that it will pass through Turkey, and I’ll be visiting Istanbul in October.

We’ve planned a night visit to Pompeii. Should be nice. Will it be better at night? I can’t say right now, but if you sign up for our free newsletter or watch this space religiously, we’ll transmit our opinion of the Pompeii night tour.

But the question is, can technology bring Pompeii alive? The linked video might change your mind.

I’ve just discovered the American in Padua blog via this interesting article on modern bread waste in Italian supermarkets: Sacchi di pane fresco gettati nell’immodizia. Don’t worry, the article is in English. It’s a shame that supermarkets are undermining the nearly waste-free principles of la Cucina Povera, but they are. (Oh, and Tuscan bread lasts longer because it doesn’t have salt, I’ve been told. I’ve always wondered about this, as salt is usually considered a preservative, but it also dries things out).

Why can’t local groups get the bread and distribute it to the poor? I’ve never understood the all-pervasive idea that free, day-old bread makes people lust after the specter of homelessness, but that seems to be just me—and Jesus maybe, but his philosophy isn’t as nearly popular as that of Leviticus these bleak days.

In any case I can’t wait to get home to Italy. Fresh bread baked in a wood oven that you buy by weight so you can buy just what you need, non-poisonous eggs, and air-chilled barnyard chicken that when roasted offers up some parchment-thin, greaseless skin and tender, juicy flesh. Mmmm. And everyday wine that doesn’t break the bank.

Add porcini and truffles and fall sounds like foodie heaven, doesn’t it?

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September Travel Notes originally appeared on WanderingItaly.com Sep 12, 2010, © James Martin.

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