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God is My Mechanic, (and Not Such a Good One, Evidently)

■ 26 July 2010 by James Martin

God does not lack for spokesmen these days. If you channel surf long enough, you’ll find maybe a million or so people on the idiot box who know what God wants and who have been entrusted by Him (in secret, of course) to take care of things, often using murder and mayhem to achieve those goals.

Now God has been put in charge of breaking washers and disrupting fuel lines on Southwest Airlines jets. Yes, in a fishing expedition to limit liability for mechanical failures that delay aircraft, the high-flying bozos at Southwest have quietly defined mechanical failures as “acts of God.” If we don’t cry out in protest, they will be able to say, “our cobbled together piece of garbage can’t fly and we’re not responsible, so you’ll just have to sleep in the airport until we find some duct tape and bailing wire. In case you’re wondering about the cause: God did it! Nah nah nah nah nah nah!”

Speaking for God used to be called blasphemy. Today it’s business as usual. That’s sad, isn’t it?

Read and weep: Southwest: Breakdown is now an act of God

God is My Mechanic, (and Not Such a Good One, Evidently) originally appeared on WanderingItaly.com Jul 26, 2010, © James Martin.

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