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Roman Cooking Utensils Found in London Well

■ 10 December 2007 by James Martin

When people discard used-up “stuff”, it usually goes down in to the bowels of the earth. Years ago, you tossed it in the privy or a well you’re not going to use any more. Now we use landfills. Same deal.

I’m a veteran of a few privy excavations here in the states. Interesting stuff. It’s a good thing we haven’t had outhouses in many years. The smell goes away eventually…

In any case, a recent and surprising find in a well in London has “stunned” archaeologists according to a story in the Daily Mail: Haul of ancient Roman artefacts found in London well stuns experts

Laden with delicacies such as stuffed dormice, peacock rissoles and sweet chestnuts, these plates and bowls would once have taken pride of place on a wealthy Roman’s dining table.

Now, nearly 2,000 years later, the haul of 19 pieces of bronze tableware is offering a glimpse into life in the final days of Roman Britain.

The artifacts in the pictures are surprisingly modern looking, although made of bronze. It’s sometimes hard for us to imagine the technologies used in ancient times, since we extrapolate from the rate of technology change we see in our own lives and thus come to the innevitable conclusion that there couldn’t have been much more than comfortable found rocks used as tools in antiquity, so we’re “stunned” at the modernity of the finds, and even the technology used to repair old stuff.

Go to the article linked above and be aghast at the finds.

Roman Cooking Utensils Found in London Well originally appeared on WanderingItaly.com Dec 10, 2007, © James Martin.

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